About Our Business
Our mission is for everyone to have beautiful natural hardwood floors
accentuating the beauty and value of your home or business.

Tear out that awful mold making, dust and bug collecting carpet.
Rip away that worn vinyl or linoleum that Grandma and Grandpa put in to expose
beautiful old original hardwood flooring.
No hardwood floors under all that nasty and oldness?! Not a problem, install  
hardwood flooring and make your home or business nasty free and easier to

Final Cut Hardwood Flooring has had two owners over the years. It first started
with our dearly departed friend Dave Kimmerling. He apprenticed under another
gentlemen for many years until said gentlemen wanted to retire. Dave purchased
his business from him and started Final Cut Hardwood Flooring.
One day, Dave got multiple floors to do. One was a really big one and only so
much time to be able to complete all these floors. He needed help. Dave asked
Brad if he would be able to give him a hand. Brad proceeded to work with him
which in turn, turned into an apprenticeship to needing more help and Lindsey
entered apprenticeship.
Over time, Dave was ready to retire. We purchased the business from him and his
wife in December of 2018 to carry on the joy and beauty of hardwood floors with
our now apprentice, Lindsey.

We have always loved the look, smell and feel of wood. So when many years ago
when our friend needed help, we said sure and fell in love with doing hardwood
floors and have been doing them ever since.
Matter of fact, Our Home is All post & beam, Cedar & Pine with tile and Hickory 5"
planking Hardwood Flooring with character out in the woods.

We Are Nothing but About Wood!
About Us